Michelle Rozanski knew as an undergraduate student at McGill University that she wanted to pursue a legal career. In her third year, she began working summers with Cheryl Stelzer at Stelzer Law Office in Guelph to get experience and to confirm that this was the right direction for her. Michelle says, “When I got the opportunity to work with Cheryl over a few summers it really solidified for me that this is the profession and the areas of law that I wanted to pursue.”

Cheryl Stelzer has been a mentor for Michelle and was thrilled to learn she was going to law school. “I was so excited when Michelle popped in the door one day and said she had been accepted at my old alma mater, Osgoode Hall and was pursuing a law degree.” Michelle graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2021.

Became an associate lawyer in 2022

After writing the barrister and solicitor exams, Michelle continued articling with Cheryl and was called to the bar in June of this year. “I want to continue in Cheryl’s footsteps, upholding the integrity, professionalism, care, and advocacy that Cheryl offers her clients.”

Michelle loves crime dramas. She was inspired to pursue a law career after watching how the female prosecutor on Law & Order presented cases. She was intrigued by criminal law, but while working with Cheryl, Michelle found that there were other areas of law that interested her as well, particularly family law.

Working in the best interests of clients

Michelle is dedicated to serving Stelzer Law clients well. “I want to help them through various stages of their lives, whether it’s a separation or buying a home or making a will and planning for their future.”

Family law offers opportunities for a resolution outside of a courtroom. Michelle says, “Settling a case using mediation, arbitration, collaborative family law, and/or negotiation can be more efficient and less costly, in some cases. Out of court processes such as these also affords clients more privacy and a conciliatory approach to resolving their issues.”

Michelle also enjoys working with clients when they are entering a new relationship, such as helping draft Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts.

Michelle and Cheryl help clients through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. “It’s part of our job to help clients begin a new chapter and move forward with their lives. This personal aspect drew me to family law because I get to help individuals and families move forward with a plan to get them to a good place after a very emotionally difficult time.”

Michelle is an exceptional lawyer

Michelle has been a valuable asset for Cheryl. “Since Michelle has been here, I have learned a great deal about having a second mind. It has been tremendously positive for me to have the opportunity to mentor Michelle and tap into her intellect to round out the way I view cases and other matters.”

Since opening her office, Cheryl had always been a sole practitioner who is focused on the business aspect of her practice as well.  “I’ve also tried to convey to Michelle the importance of looking at it as a business and all the things involved if you’re going to be successful. She will not only be a lawyer but also a person who can run her own business and practice on her own terms.”

Stelzer Law Services

Stelzer Law’s team of professionals has been providing legal services to residents of Guelph and surrounding area since 1996.

  • Family Law: Divorce, separation, cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, parenting time, decision-making responsibility, and spousal & child support issues
  • Real Estate: Residential purchases & sales, refinancing
  • Estate Planning: Wills, Powers of Attorney,
  • Estate Administration: Probate

Cheryl stresses, “The importance of our law office over the years is to convey to people who reach out to us that we’re here for them in many aspects of their lives. That’s why the natural joining of family law with estate law and with real estate is almost a dictate, because most individuals encounter these matters in their personal lives.”

If you require legal advice contact Stelzer Law by phone at (519) 822-6089 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can visit their website at: www.stelzerlaw.ca or their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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